Why You Need an Enterprise CMS for Your Radio Station Websites

by Desideria Mastriaco

Enterprise management, or the ability to manage multiple station sites easily and efficiently via one platform, is a critical CMS feature that is proven to save broadcasters significant time and money on website development. 

Combine enterprise management with employee user permissions, and your team will be able to syndicate content across sites, groups, or your entire organization with the click of a button. Let's take a look.

Introducing Company A. Company A is a small broadcaster with Rock, Pop, News, and R&B stations in Phoenix, Houston, and Denver. Rather than updating the content on each station site individually, Company A uses enterprise management and employee user permissions to keep content fresh across the entire organization, ensuring a great experience for its audiences every time they visit. 


This is Bob.

Bob is the Digital Manager for Company A's Phoenix stations. He needs unlimited access to all the Phoenix stations’ websites. With this access, he can post an article about recent Phoenix news to every website with just one click. And there’s no way the Houston or Denver stations would accidentally see the local article because Bob only has access to the Phoenix websites.



This is Jan.

Jan is in charge of all the Rock format's for Company A. There is a new rock-themed promotion that she wants to promote on all Rock format stations. Because Jan has access to syndicate content across the Rock format, she can easily launch the promo reel on all the Rock sites at the exact same time, giving all their visitors - no matter their location - an equal opportunity to participate in the promotion.



 This is Tom.

Tom manages the weather and traffic content on Company A’s Southwest stations, which means he has access to the Phoenix and Houston. A major storm is expected to hit the region in a few days,  so Tom delivers the same weather alerts to every station site through regional syndication. However, as the storm gets closer, the predictions begin to vary. By syndicating content by city, Tom can now send one alert to all Phoenix stations and a different alert to all Houston stations, making sure everyone is accurately informed.



These are just a few ways that enterprise management and user permissions help your team do more with less.

Can your CMS do that? If not, maybe it's time to reevaluate your solution. Contact us today to see what other features you might be missing out on or download our FREE Radio Website Checklist for 6 features to look for in a CMS.

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