Triton's Adventure at Podcast Movement Evolutions 2024

PME Blog Recap

Los Angeles, California, witnessed the electrifying Podcast Movement Evolutions, and the Triton team was front and center for all the action!

For the uninitiated, Podcast Movement events are the nexus of the podcasting universe, bringing together podcasters, industry professionals, tech wizards, and enthusiasts for a week of networking, learning, and sheer podcasting passion.


The festivities started with a bang at the PodMov Podfronts, where top publishers and advertisers gathered together to set the stage for an epic week at Podcast Movement.

Triton stole the spotlight on day one by announcing the acquisition of Sounder, sparking lively discussions on contextual targeting and brand suitability—hot topics in today's podcasting landscape. Additionally, we announced our integration with Spreaker (previously our sister company) to share the exciting doors that have opened and our abilities to serve podcasts of all sizes - from independent creators to enterprise podcasters.

But the best part is that we got to celebrate these milestones and our growing Triton team together at Podcast Movement! 

Our team rocked four speaking sessions:

Chiara Sagramola & Paul Lajoie's  "Understanding Podcast Listener Segmentation" talk dove deep into the nuances of audience segmentation, from genres to demographics, showcasing how podcasters are becoming a powerhouse for advertisers.

Mattia Verzella's session on: "Building Buyer’s Trust with Insights and Data in the Programmatic Podcast Advertising Space" with panelists John Goforth, Magellan AI, Pete Jimison, Frequency, and Amelia Coomber, Podscribe. This group highlighted the evolution of programmatic advertising and its crucial role in building trust between advertisers and publishers.

 Sharon Taylor's "Monetizing Strategies in Podcasting" talk dissected the delicate balance of ads, subscriptions, and direct sales, emphasizing the need for mindful ad placements to retain audiences. These panelists dissected the delicate balance of ads, subscriptions, and direct sales, emphasizing the need for mindful ad placements to retain audiences.

Daryl Battaglia wrapped up our day of sessions with the: "2024 Podcast Outlook: Listener Growth & Audience Trends." He unveiled insights into listener growth and trends from the Triton 2023 U.S. Podcast Report, including the surge in female listeners and audience preferences across genres.



Throughout the week, there was lots of buzz around the hot topics of YouTube, Apple iOS 17, programmatic ads, and monetization strategies, making every conversation a goldmine of insights.

Keynotes from industry luminaries like Amy Poehler and YouTube's revelations about the growing podcasting experience now being in the living room added evolutions of the industry to the event. 

As the podcasting industry evolves (no pun intended), Triton remains at the forefront, driving growth and innovation. We can't wait to reunite in DC this summer for another round of Podcast Movement! 

And to everyone who made this event unforgettable, especially our Triton colleagues, clients, partners, and industry friends - cheers to our podcasting journey ahead! 


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