Triton Digital’s Audio Supply-Side Platform (SSP) Wins ExchangeWire’s The Wires Global Award for Best New Product or Service – Sell Side

On Tuesday, January 7th, we announced today that our pioneering audio SSP (Yield-Op) has been named the winner of ExchangeWire’s The Wires Global Best New Product or Service – Sell Side award. 

The Wires Global recognizes the best use of ad tech across all aspects of media sales and buying from around the world.  Award submissions were accepted from a wide array of ad tech vendors, marketing automation providers, media buying agencies, trading desks, agency trading desks, advertisers, and publishers.  Submissions were judged by a highly experienced, diverse selection of industry experts from across the ad tech ecosystem.

“We are honored to have been selected as this year’s winner,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital.  “We are committed to continuously innovating and enhancing our audio SSP, and to providing our clients, partners, and the audio industry at large with the sophisticated technology and services necessary to power digital audio and podcast strategies, and to grow the marketplace worldwide.”

Triton’s audio SSP is trusted by leading publishers in the United States and around the world, including Deezer (France), NOVA Entertainment (Australia), Talpa Network (Netherlands), Prisa Radio (Spain), Grupo Radio Centro (Mexico), and Grupo RPP (Peru). 

"Working with Triton has been great,” said Marianne le Vavasseur, VP Advertising Sales at Deezer.  "We’ve been using Triton’s SSP for over a year. Their programmatic technology has shown clear results and has helped brands all over the world connect with Deezer’s audiences.”

Fayad Tohme, NOVA Entertainment’s Chief Digital Officer said, “Triton’s SSP is a crucial platform in the monetisation of our digital audio inventory programmatically, and Triton as a whole is a key audio partner for NOVA Entertainment.”

“Triton has been an instrumental technology partner since 2017,” said Edwin Koeners, Sales Manager Digital Audio, Talpa Network (Media Solutions).  “We have achieved our monetization goals by leveraging their versatile campaign management tool and robust delivery platform, which in turn has enabled us to connect with and monitor industry-leading DSPs.”

"Triton has provided us with access to new revenue sources and communication solutions that have enabled us to further develop the monetization of digital audio in the programmatic environment,” said Rocío Echevarría Estívariz, Director of Digital Business at Prisa Radio.  “Partnering with Triton has allowed us to work with a wide variety of sectors and brands, and to provide our agency and advertising partners with the ability to segment their campaigns via DSPs, all of which has increased the profitability of our products and the efficiency of campaigns for our advertising partners.”

Grupo Radio Centro, the most listened to audio group in Mexico, has also benefited from using Triton’s industry-leading Audio SSP.  “Triton’s Audio SSP has enabled us to consolidate our streaming revenues, and extend our reach to additional markets around the world,” said Arturo Condado, CDO at Grupo Radio Centro.

“Triton’s Audio SSP has enabled Grupo RPP to foster relationships with a wide range of audio partners around the world,” said Karin Hanspach, Digital Product Manager, Grupo RPP.  “Together with Triton’s support and recommendations, their Audio SSP has allowed us to strategically monetize our digital audio inventory through rules, and by creating direct agreements and opt-in packages offered by different partners.”

Triton’s Audio SSP enables broadcasters, podcasters, and music streaming services to connect and manage their programmatic demand sources efficiently, with the ability to manage access, regulate pricing, and establish ad quality settings in Triton’s programmatic marketplace, as well as configure both open and private marketplace deals with specific buyers, brands or sales houses.  To learn more about Yield-Op, contact

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