Triton Digital Expands Podcast Reports to LATAM; Providing Insight into the Region’s Top Podcasts for the First Time

On Monday, December 16th, we announced and released today the first Podcast Report for LATAM, powered by their Podcast Metrics measurement service.  A first of its kind in the region, the Podcast Report provides a ranking of the Top Podcasts in LATAM, as measured by Podcast Metrics.

Certified by the IAB Tech Lab, the report eliminates inconsistent measurement practices and self-reported data, providing content creators, marketers, media buyers, and the audio industry at large with validated and transparent podcast metrics in LATAM for the first time.  Triton’s Podcast Report is  based on a four-week reporting period (Monday to Sunday), with reported entities ranked by average downloads, in accordance with the latest IAB Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines.

“We are pleased to expand our Podcast Reports to LATAM,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “As podcast consumption continues to rise in the region, the reports will provide valuable insights that will enable advertisers to reach their target audiences in a meaningful, engaging manner.”

To view the first LATAM Podcast Ranker, visit  Any podcast publisher with an audience in the LATAM market is eligible to participate in the LATAM Podcast Report.  To learn more, contact

Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics measurement service provides accurate and insightful data around how, when, and where podcast and audio on demand content is being consumed across multiple hosting platforms, with the ability to view metrics by date range, location, device, podcast name, episode, title, and more.

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