Triton Days – Team Building to Inspire, Integrate & Innovate!

by Shari Morales 

I was so happy to see all the enthusiasm for the 2022 Triton Days event, which was held on December 12th and 13th. This event brought us together to celebrate for one last time in 2022.  

Triton Days was created to have fun and to INSPIRE, INTEGRATE and INNOVATE. It provides the opportunity for each Triton employee to shine in a unique way with unique projects and ideas. Each category (Inspire, Integrate, and Innovate) had a winner, and the winner was voted on by the entire Triton Digital team.  

What is Triton Days? 

Triton Days is a self-organized event with internal teams defining their own project and goals with minimal constraints. They have a day and a half to build and deliver their project. At the event's end, every team must present their project to their Triton co-workers, who then vote for their favorite projects.  

Culturally, it creates engagement in the workplace and provides an opportunity for people that do not work together normally to come together.  

How does it work? 

The Triton Days committee was assembled in October and together we brainstormed a theme, created a logo, created SWAG for the entire company, reviewed dates, and timelines for the event, learned about MIRO boards, and created a scoring criteria. 

Triton employees from all over the globe came together without using passports or commuting to the office. “Triton Tower” was the place to be seen as we wrapped up 2022. The floors of this virtual tower were buzzing as each of the 15 team captains presented their ideas to INSPIRE, INTEGRATE and INNOVATE 

Ideas ranged from product enhancements, onboarding suggestions, Triton products, musical talents, Triton’s carbon footprint, ways to track employee knowledge, remote work suggestions and so much more. 

Thirteen teams collaborated for 48 hours to bring their ideas to life before checking back into our virtual “Triton Tower” to see all the final team presentations.  

Who knew so many talented people existed under the same roof? We watched, we laughed, we were entertained, and then we voted for the 2022 winner.  

Who won? 

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Tritonverse took home the coveted trophy.  

Their team goal was to design a fun and simple bot named Marvin that can guide new employees (and current ones) to help answer questions about business rules, product types, and other complex subjects that might be confusing during the onboarding process.  

In total, 70 employees participated. Here is a list of all our team names: 
Atlas (Atlas (A TotaLly Approximate Simulation), Restaurant Recommendations, Auction Insights, Triton Carbon Footprint, Lossless Audio Pipeline, NEWT Knowledge Directory, New Omny Studio Dashboard, TechRadar, Dr. Strange – Flight Forecaster, Triton Islands (Remote-First Best Practices), Triton Musicians Song Collaboration, AdBuilder Nostalgia, and our winners Hitchhikers Guide to the Tritonverse. 

Triton Days is fun and all projects which were delivered, whether technical in nature or not, will help us do better and be better as a whole. Triton Days is an event where we come together yearly and engage in a rapid and collaborative environment, we exchange ideas and share our visions. The aim is to design, build and present the most innovative solution to a problem, and then pitch a final concept to the entire Triton community. Every year we look forward to putting our heads together and producing creative, innovative solutions to problems we face every day!  

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