The Power of Radio in 2022

Radio is an everlasting powerful communication tool which has survived the test of time. Its ease and accessibility to reach a vast audience quickly has allowed it to grow. For over 100 years radio has had the ability to reach listeners just about anywhere at any time. There are different types of radio stations: community, commercial and public, all of which target and influence a different audience. The beauty of radio lies in the ability to have current events reported on quickly and in real time, unlike newspapers or traditional network television. The technology is simpler, easily accessible, and more reliable.

One of radio's main attractions and strengths is that it is a free over the air audio service which anyone — regardless of their ability to pay for a subscription can access and find what they are looking for. Listeners can find a connection, a community, a trusted companionship, their favorite music, entertainment and even lifesaving information for free and without a subscription. The value of radio in this current economy makes it even more valued and respected to Americans nationwide.

As advertising trends have evolved over time, radio has remained one of the most effective ways to reach both new and existing customers. With a wide reach and immediate delivery, radio allows businesses to get their message in front of targeted, yet large audiences. Radio’s ability to adapt is why it’s timeless and continues to be the top reach medium, with 93 percent of Americans tuning in every day.

Radio’s Reach

Today, an estimated 192 million Americans stream radio online each month*. We live in a world where people are constantly on the go but still want access to the latest news, sports, and entertainment wherever they are, whether it’s a trip to the local shop in the neighborhood or on a long road trip in the car. Radio keeps up with us as we go about our daily lives.

As technology changes, so does the way people listen to radio. According to Edison Research, one-third of Americans own a smart speaker and these smart speaker owners are also big radio listeners. 

Consumers can tune into broadcast radio through a smart device with just a tap, which is why so much of broadcast radio listening happens via smart home devices and speakers. In February 2022, Infinite Dial—one of the longest-running studies in the radio field revealed 73% of people 12 years or older listened to online audio. These numbers continue to grow as more people tune in to radio via smart devices.

Future of Radio

Recent listening trends have proven that radio is not going anywhere, it has firmly cemented its existence as a valuable means of communication and entertainment in everyday routines of Americans. Broadcast radio’s audiences continue to span all generations, demographics, and ethnicities. People will continue to listen to their favorite programs and music at home, in their cars, at work or on the go. Billion-dollar advertisers are using the power of radio to augment and amplify their brands. Radio’s ability to reach consumers efficiently and effectively make it a strong medium for advertisers looking to drive sales. When it comes to radio ads, studies show that brand share increases nine percent when an ad is heard one day before purchase (For Advertisers, Radio is Worth Listening To). Ads on radio allow brands to stay top of mind to the listening audiences, reinforcing the message across a platform which is trusted and rooted in our everyday lives. Radio has come a long way since its inception over a century ago. Today, it entertains, informs, and empowers listeners around the world. Radio is a powerful way for companies and brands to engage with consumers. Radio is a convincing and cost-effective influential medium for reaching countless audiences.

At Triton, we are proud to serve the entire audio ecosystem, supporting radio broadcasters in their over-the-air, streaming and podcast initiatives, and continually working to advance our partners’ audio strategies. We have some exciting announcements coming this Fall, so stay tuned….

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