The Next Wave of Audio Advertising: Target Listeners & Personalize Ads


Capturing Listener Attention can be Challenging

Audio can be relevant to your listeners anytime, anywhere. But as a brand, how do you make sure you catch your listeners at a time when you are relevant to them?

As a publisher, how can you help your buyers leverage the most effective tools to build strong connections with customers and deliver messaging that resonates?  

The Most Powerful Combination: Listener Targeting with Personalized Messaging

Running impactful audio ads begins with developing your audience targeting strategy, and then incorporating personalized, 1:1 messaging.

Let’s start by defining each:

With audience targeting, define the listeners you want to reach based on characteristics, such as location, demographics, interest, intent, shopping behaviors, lifestyle, and more. This allows you to build a Listener Persona, so that audio ads are delivered only to those who are most relevant to the brand.

Reaching the right listeners is critical. But to stand out from the hundreds of other ads that listeners hear, we can take our strategy a step further by personalizing the message.

With 1:1 messaging, you can create a Personalized Script to tailor messaging to listeners. Multiple scripts can be developed or segments within the script can be versioned to trigger ads based on certain listener behavior or contextually-relevant moments. For example, script variations can align with data signals like location, time, weather, device, content, sports scores, and more.


How They Work Together: Audience Precision with Ad Personalization

See it in action:

Include GIF showing how to set this up in TAP (how user can select data signal and tag creative)

  1. Select your Audience in TAP
    ** Pro tip: Be mindful of balancing precision with reach to make sure you’re specific enough in your targeting, while also achieving scale.

  2. Open Frequency and drop creative

  3. Select and tag creative with data signal(s)
    Pick 1-2 data signals or distribution rules to power your 1:1 Messaging.

  4. Assign Resources: Tracking Pixels & Banners

  5. Publish your Ad
    Traffic ads and generate VAST tags for launch across your campaigns!

  6. Measure & optimize
    A/B test creative, measure performance, and optimize to improve results.


Join the Next Wave of Audio Advertising

With Triton and Frequency, you can join the next wave of audio advertising by adding the tools to gain efficiencies and handle more complex creative strategies at scale. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to the Triton Digital or Frequency team for a live demo!


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