On a Roll! Resso Selects Triton Digital’s Audio Advertising Solutions to Deliver Improved Advertising Experience

At Triton, we pride ourselves in providing the industry’s most comprehensive stack of advertising solutions to help you leverage the tremendous power and reach of audio streaming. Today, we are proud to share that leading social music streaming app Resso has selected Triton Digital’s audio advertising solutions to make its digital audio inventory easily available to advertisers and buyers throughout Indonesia, India, and Brazil.

Resso (from Bytedance) is designed for the new generation of music enthusiasts, and lets users express themselves and connect with others through tracks they love and the ones they will soon discover. The social music streaming app recognized that digital audio advertising can reach listeners in an immersive way that isn’t possible through visual advertising campaigns and was looking for a way to capitalize on this trend and improve the overall listening experience. 

Using Triton's comprehensive, unparalleled portfolio of audio advertising technology, Resso gains monetization solutions available to deliver a high-quality listening experience to its audience and advertisers. Resso will leverage Triton’s Advertising Platform (TAP) for highly targeted dynamic ad insertion, comprehensive creative management and streamlined operations. In addition, Resso will leverage Triton’s fully integrated Supply Side platform (SSP), Yield-Op to make its online audio inventory available to programmatic buyers, maximizing revenue opportunities.

At Triton, our advertising solutions are specifically built for audio advertisers to provide a consistent and enjoyable listening experience that prevents ad fatigue and maximizes campaign effectiveness. Our Programmatic Audio Marketplace is the first programmatic audio marketplace that enables publishers and advertisers to transact audio inventory programmatically. It provides precise listener targeting, reliable ad delivery tracking, detailed reporting, and an unrivaled listening experience.

To learn more about Triton Digital’s audio advertising solutions and how we can help enhance the quality of audio programing and support revenue growth, visit: https://www.tritondigital.com/solutions/audio-advertising.

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