Regarding Google Chrome's Deactivation of Flash Auto-Start

If you follow the tech trades, you most likely saw the news that Google Chrome started automatically pausing Flash content, or not allowing Flash content to auto-start, on September 1. This news led to several aggressive headlines such as this one from Wired: Google is Taking a Big Step to Kill Off Flash for Good.

In late July, I wrote a blog post on the decline of Flash and how we at Triton were preparing our Media Players for the “End of Flash”. As a recap, we had already designed an HTML5 player that, although it prefers Flash, works with Flash-less browsers as well, offering the same, high-quality listening experience with or without Flash. What’s more, we are working on a plan to help clients who are currently using our legacy players to migrate to the latest version of our player, one that will be 100% ready for the foreseen “End of Flash”.

We recognized that this trend away from Flash was gaining traction, and therefore, have been monitoring the news closely since then to make sure we were aware of any new developments in regards to Flash.

In order to react to Google’s announcement, we have released an update to the latest version of our Media Player, which will present an HTML-only code to any browser that is not supporting Flash. In doing this, we are confident that the user experience on the latest version of our Media Player will remain unchanged, without any interruptions of the audio stream.

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely, consistently checking server logs and testing our Media Player on various platforms and browsers. As of today, I am pleased to announce that there have been no issues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Triton Digital sales representative or account manager to learn more. Thank you!

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