Radio: Grab a Slice of the Programmatic Pie

A recent article from Inside Radio reports that programmatic ad spending is projected to increase by 39.7% in 2016 to $21.55 billion. Don't let display hog that opportunity for digital revenue. You too can get a slice of the pie by offering your advertising partners a programmatic digital audio solution. Interested? Get started now.

In fact, we're here to argue that programmatic digital audio can offer advertisers more of what they are looking for than programmatic display.


Greater Return

An AdRoll study found that 87% of marketers see greater return through programmatic advertising than traditional media buying. If return is what they're looking for, audio is where to find it.

The Internet Radio Attribution and Conversion study by Edison Research fount that 90% of mobile listeners interested in a product or service advertised on Internet radio will research it at a later time. This is in part due to the fact that audio advertisements don't have to compete for attention. Audio ads are always "above the fold" and are played one at a time, resulting in more engagement and ad recall from their audience.


Less Fraud

Despite the significant growth of programmatic, Inside Radio reports that marketers are concerned about automated buying, particularly due to digital ad fraud. As Xaxis UK's managing director Nicolas Bidon explains, however, programmatic digital audio can ameliorate that concern:

"As an advertising medium what I find interesting is... some of the discussions going on around display as a branding medium with issues of viewability, issues of fraud and all the sort of noise that that means I think advertisers are starting to doubt the efficiency of display branding medium. I think audio is quite exciting in that respect because you don't compete when you listen to an audio stream and you get an ad, and you don't compete for attention with anything else."

The radio industry has an opportunity to capitalize on its strength as an engaging and reliable medium to access a significant piece of the growing programmatic pie.

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