Omny Studio Platform and Feature Updates February — April 2020

Working from home, but working hard, sums up the last few weeks for the Omny Studio team. Here’s what we’ve rolled out since we last gave an update in February.

Draft clip (create clip without an audio file)

You can now create a clip before you are ready to upload an audio file. This lets you create all the metadata for a clip, and upload the audio as the very last step before publishing if need be.

In a time of breaking news and with topical podcasts being more popular than ever, sometimes your audio’s not ready till the last minute. Uploading your audio no longer needs to be the first step in creating a clip in Omny. Learn more about creating clip drafts here.

Omny Campaign Manager (OCM) reporting/affidavit capabilities

Once a campaign is underway and delivering impressions, you can now see how it is tracking in near real-time.

Discover which positions (pre, mid, or post) your advertisements are being delivered against, how many impressions by flight, and impressions by program. You can see it all here.

This lets you make changes as needed to meet your campaign goals, and update your sponsors about a campaign in-progress.

You can also export a report to .csv in Omny Campaign Manager (OCM).

Target individual mid-roll markers with OCM

If your podcast episodes have multiple mid-roll markers, you can target specific positions based on their order in the episode. This means that you can ensure that your fight will only ever deliver at the first midroll ad marker in all episodes which are targeted.

This is done by building on our tag targeting system by automatically generating a tag for each midroll marker, giving you powerful targeting capabilities without the work of manually tagging each ad marker.

Add multiple creatives per flight, with an even rotation

Want to add some variety to your creative? Now Omny Studio supports multiple audio creatives in a flight. Impressions will be delivered equally between creatives. Read more here.

Transcript updates


‘They’re still speaking’!? Or, ‘who’s this again’?

Speakers in your transcript make it more parseable, and improve the accessibility of your show.

Omny’s transcript integration now supports speaker labels. If you’re using human transcription, your transcriber will even already include your speakers name so it’s all waiting for you.

Hopefully their actual name gets said, and not just a rude nickname all recording.

Read more about our Transcript Editor here.


Also, you can now access and get your transcript via the Omny consumer API, so publishers can build their own experiences.

Read more about our transcript publishing endpoints in our previous blog post here.

Scheduled unpublishing of content

Sometimes things shouldn’t be freely available forever. If you need to un-publish content for whatever reason, Omny now lets you set a date and time (in your local timezone) for a clip to change from Public or Unlisted to Private, so that it’s no longer publicly accessible.

This is great for publishers wanting to paywall their archive, or if you only have rights to content for a certain period of time.

The reasons vary, but this tool gives you the flexibility you need.

Headliner | Publishing to YouTube feature

OK, we admit this one’s not our update. But when the people we integrate do something cool, we get excited for what that means for our users.

YouTube is a content behemoth, and some podcasts are finding a significant chunk of listenership happening on YouTube. This might be especially true while, say, everyone’s at home, working from their computers.

It’s not our update but a cool thing to note for all Omny Studio customers!

Find out how to take your episode in Omny Studio, make a video in Headliner, and then publish to YouTube with just a few clicks!

Currently being worked on

Feature-based permissions

User access controls are about to get a lot more granular in Omny Studio.

You’ve got a goal for a campaign, and forecasting will help you set up the flights you need to achieve it.

Forecasting has been a frequently requested feature for OCM and we’re excited to be bringing it to Campaign Manager users soon.

Thank you for your feedback, feature requests, and kind words during this time. We hope you and yours are all safe and well.

Thanks for your time.

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