Omny Studio Platform and Feature Updates May — July 2020

Omny Studio Platform and Feature Updates May — July 2020

We’ve recently added a number of new features and capabilities within our Omny Studio platform to further streamline the creation and management of your podcast content 


Feature-Based User Permissions 

Your podcast content and data are the most important assets to your podcast business, and the security of both is imperative. The addition of feature-based user permissions within Omny Studio enables your platform administrator to grant individual users with specific permissions, including analytics-only access across all your programs, organization-level analytics-only, and more.  


To streamline your user-management operations, you now have the ability add multiple users with unique permissions with our bulk user-import tool. 


Clip Consumption Comparison 

To assist you in refining your podcast content, we are pleased to provide you with new insight into how listenership from specific sources have changed in comparison to previous periods.  


This new feature enables you to view data combined at a program, network, and/or organization level, in addition to the already existing Omny consumption analytics, which allows you to view a snapshot of how listeners are engaging with their content to the second at the clip level.  


To assist in refining your content, consumption data is gathered from Omny Studio embed players as well as from custom players that integrate with Omny’s consumption analytics API. 

For a relevant snapshot of your consumption insights, you have the ability to customize the published clips by 1. date range, 2. episode length (including less than 15 minutes, 15-60 minutes, more than 60 minutes, or by all clips), and 3. consumption source, including embed players, custom apps, and more.  


Campaign Manager Forecasting 

To assist with the planning aspect of your podcast strategy, the Omny forecasting tool enables you to predict the amount of estimated inventory (the amount of ad slots) you will have available, based on both historical and missed impressions.  


This capability enables you to streamline your reporting and create a pre-filled flight based on valuable insights from your forecast report. 


Secure Distribution Capabilities 

We are pleased to announce that we have added secure distribution capabilities within Omny Studio, enabling podcasters to create and share content feeds and players with select audiences.  


By leveraging this new capability, publishers can now create and distribute both content feeds and embed players that are accessible only to the audience of their choosing. Publishers can utilize this capability to provide an enhanced experience for select listeners, such as an ad-free version of a feed for podcast subscribers, or private content for specific members.  


If you’re interested in leveraging this feature, contact us to learn more. 


Notes Field for Playlists 

The desire to distribute similar content to a variety of platforms with varying audio settings is becoming more and more prevalent (i.e. submitting one feed to Google Assistant, and a different feed to Amazon Alexa) 


By utilizing playlist notes within Omny Studio, you can easily distinguish playlists with the same name, noting where you plan to distribute them.  


Tracking Downloads from Custom Sources 

You now have the ability to both attribute and track download playback destination “source” from custom players, apps, or websites. To do so, simply specify a utm_source URL parameter value on the MP3 download URL, embed player URL or web player URL. Click here to learn more.  


Coming Soon: Network Permissions 

In addition to the Organization and Program-level feature-based permissions, we are pleased to announce that Network permissions are coming soon. Network permissions enable you to seamlessly manage a network within an organization autonomously. 


For questions or more information on any of the above, please contact 

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