Omny Studio — 2020 Year in Review

As the end of 2020 quickly approaches, we wanted to acknowledge the incredible progress and milestones that our podcast platform, Omny Studio, has achieved during its first full year as a part of Triton Digital and the E.W. Scripps family.

When Omny Studio was   launched in 2015 , their goal was   “to help radio stations repurpose on-air content for online distribution.”

To Omny's surprise, it was then that the so-called new “Golden Age of Audio” had begun, and that they were in for quite a ride. Omny Studio has now evolved into one of the world’s leading podcast technology platforms, with publishers of every kind around the world trusting the platform and team to help share their stories with millions of listeners every day.

18 months after being acquired, this is even more true. During this time of massive upheaval and change, where radio stations have found themselves recording from home in their bedrooms and closets, Omny Studio was there to make the “broadcast to podcast” step a smooth one.

2020 has been a period of rapid, mass digitization. Everything that could go virtual, went virtual. For Omny's traditional partners and users in radio, they were able to lean on Omny and the deep bench of measurement, monetization, and scaling tools at Triton to make a challenging period easier. Omny also provided assistance to cultural institutions who had to quickly pivot from serving crowds to serving content, and dozens of galleries, museums, universities and more, continue to serve their communities from a (digital) safe distance.

With all of the challenges that came with 2020, we are proud of the continuous developments within Omny Studio, and are excited for the new features that will be unveiled in 2021. Thank you for joining us for a look back on some of the high points among all that took place throughout the unprecedented course of 2020.

Major Developments:

Secure Distribution Capabilities

Omny's secure distribution provided its users with the tools they need to control their audience, including giving listeners access to premium content, offer an ad-free version of your main feed, window/give early access, or lock down private content. 

View the overview before to earn more about secure distribution.

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The main use-cases of Secure Distribution

Easy addition to India’s largest podcast apps

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Two-click submission to podcast apps/directories in the world’s fastest growing podcast market. JioSaavn and Gaana join Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other leading apps with easy podcast submission from Omny Studio.

Transcription, embed players, and listener privacy policy

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Transcription has been steadily improved through the year, both by Omny's transcription providers and through improvements made within the platform — like the ability to retrieve transcripts through the Consumer API.

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Language support:

View embed players in different languages, based on your browser’s language preferences. 12 languages are now supported. Just get in touch to request a language, or see if the language you’re after is supported.

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Beyond the embed players, Omny Studio is available in multiple languages — fully localized in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

Languages in right-to-left (RTL) format aren’t a problem either.

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Custom logo for embed players:

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For publishers wanting to drive traffic back to a homepage, or just looking for complete branding control, custom branding on embed players is now available. Just get in touch with Omny to learn more.

Listener Privacy Policy:

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The Privacy Policy for Podcast Listeners has been linked from Omny embed players and, and is now added to the end of the show notes of all episodes published on Omny. This is a default and can be changed by getting in touch with support, but reflects our commitment to listener privacy and audience education as the podcast medium continues to develop.

Compare clip consumption

Omny Studio already has consumption analytics at the clip level, which allows users to get a snapshot of how listeners are engaging with their content, down to the second.

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Now, it’s possible to see that data combined at a program, network or organization-level.

This data is gathered from Omny Studio embed plays as well as from custom players, which integrate with its consumption analytics API.

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Choose the date range for the published clips you want to aggregate, the episode length (under 15 minutes, 15–60 minutes, over 60 minutes or all clips) and the consumption source — embed players, custom apps and more.

Gain insight into how listenership on these sources has changed compared to the previous period, and use this data to refine your content!

User-level permissions

As podcasting has developed, the range of tasks and roles has grown, and Omny Studio’s capabilities for managing those roles has grown to match.

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Granular user permissions in Omny Studio

Our customers have told us time and again that the ability to have unlimited users is among their favorite things about the platform. That’s now a whole lot easier to take advantage of, with the addition of enhanced user controls within the platform.

Omny Studio offers program-level permissions which can vary between programs, organization-level permissions, or permissions by network — more on those below.

Network level permissions and settings

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When program counts are in the dozens, and your organization has a serious headcount, networks are here to help. Previously, networks in Omny were a handy way to group programs and run analytics across them all. But recent additions have made it possible to do a lot more at the network level.

Beyond assigning permissions at the network level, you can also set defaults and options for all programs in a network now as well. Prefix URL tracking, embed customization, and more — on top of network analytics.

That’s a wrap!

Thank you to all of our Omny Studio users, old and new, for what has surely been an historic year! We look forward to announcing more great features and capabilities in the new year. We look forward to working with you in 2021!

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