Integration Spotlight: IQM

Today, we announced the integration of our audio advertising marketplace, a2x®, with IQM, a leading data solutions provider specializing in ‘voter matching’ for progressive politicians and causes.

Through this integration, buyers that use the IQM platform will be able to increase their reach by adding highly-targeted digital audio inventory from a wide range of podcasters, radio broadcasters, web radios, and online music services to their programmatic, omni-channel political buys.

“At IQM, we develop innovative predictive models that provide our political clients key insights into the media consumption habits of their chosen demographic, including vital influenceable and open-minded voters,” said Bhargav Patel, CEO at IQM.  “With Triton Digital and their a2x® marketplace, we’ve expanded our capabilities and how political campaign managers can leverage digital audio for their local messaging. Triton Digital’s a2x marketplace is full of premium audio inventory that will enable our clients to extend their reach, by delivering compelling messages to their target audiences at the right time, on the right devices, and with the right frequency.”

IQM is the latest of a number of DSPs that have integrated with a2x, including Adform, AdTheorent, AppNexus, AudioTrade, DynAdmic, Fusio by S4M, MediaMath, MobPro, Platform 161, RTBiQ, The Trade Desk, and more.

a2x is the world's first programmatic buying marketplace for digital audio. The industry-leading marketplace enables buyers to execute highly targeted and brand safe audio ad buys across a highly engaged digital audience.

To learn more about a2x®, contact

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