June 2016 Insights & Trends

Triton Digital has released its monthly digital audio Top 20 Ranker for June 2016. The Ranker is a listing of the top-performing digital audio stations and networks measured by the Webcast Metrics® audience measurement platform.

Our review of the June 2016 data uncovered several interesting stats about listening growth and audience trends. Check them out below!

Total Listening in June 2016

All measured clients within the Domestic U.S. reported a total of 4,750,318 Average Active Sessions (AAS) during the Monday-Friday 6:00AM-8:00PM daypart, and 3,971,906 AAS during the Monday-Sunday 6:00AM-Midnight daypart.


Year-over-Year Listening (June 2016 vs. June 2015)

Overall streaming has seen steady growth when compared to June 2015. Both Pureplays and AM/FM Broadcasters showed positive growth during the Monday-Friday 6:00AM-8:00PM daypart and the Monday-Sunday 6:00AM-Midnight daypart.





Top 20 Formats (June 2016 vs. May 2016)

Sorted by Percentage Change (AAS, M-F 6A-8P)




Top 20 Markets (June 2016 vs. May 2016)

Sorted by Market Size (AAS, M-F 6A-8P)




Mobile Rises Again

Mobile listening represented 77.6 percent (M-F 6A-8P) of total listening in June 2016, compared to 22.4 percent on desktop. Trending for the first six months of 2016 is charted below.




Top Devices in June 2016

40% of listening took place on an iOS device, followed by Android at 31%, Google Chrome at 9% and Flash Player at 8%.