Agnostic Audio Inventory Management With Yield-Op

by Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development

As your digital audio strategy evolves, your inventory management tools should evolve with it.  Our digital audio SSP, Yield-Op, provides the flexibility and connectivity you need to continuously grow your audio monetization efforts without any sacrifice.

Yield-Op is an audio-first supply-side platform (SSP) that enables broadcasters, podcasters, and streaming services alike to connect and manage their programmatic demand sources.  Yield-Op makes it possible to manage access, regulate pricing, and establish ad quality settings in the a2x programmatic open marketplace, as well as through private deals with specific buyers, brands or sales houses.

At Triton Digital, we understand that the  audio market is fluid, which is why we put flexibility and connectivity front and center when building our audio SSP.  Yield-Op is unparalleled when it comes to being agnostic and unbiased, enabling you to connect with more audio DSPs, ad networks, and exchanges around the world than any other SSP on the market.  Manage your inventory with unmatched ease and efficiency, with the freedom to create and share custom, targeted audio inventory packages with the audiences of your choosing.

Along with its agnostic connectivity, Yield-Op’s intuitive user interface makes establishing open or private deals simple, and streamlines programmatic operations as it relates to configuring deals based on audience, format, geography, and more.

For more information about Yield-Op or to request a demo, contact Solutions@TritonDigitalcom.