Introducing the New Triton Digital University

Today marks the official launch of our new and improved Triton Digital University platform.

Triton Digital University is our free, comprehensive training resource designed to educate users on how best to utilize Triton Digital products; these tools will help you maximize the potential of your Triton products and services. What’s more, users earn professional certifications that stay with them throughout their career.

How It Works

The new Triton Digital University provides a learning experience tailored to your organization’s needs. Through the use of enrollment keys, users will be automatically enrolled in the courses that are most important to their role. Individual users also have the ability to further expand their education by self-enrolling in additional courses and curriculum.

Getting Signed Up

  •  Visit Triton University and click the Sign Up button
  • You will need a Key ID to register as we customize the learning experience to each user
  • To get a Key ID, please contact our Training team
  • Alternatively, you can contact our Help Desk, your CSM, or your Activation Manager

Getting Started

Once enrolled in a course or curriculum, you will have access to a variety of resources, including hands-on software simulations designed to make even the most complex tasks easy to understand. Once a user has completed the course material and passed the final exam, they will be awarded with a certification for each completed course.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Training team.


Please Note: Triton Digital University currently includes courses and training materials for the following Audience Management Platform products and services: Analytics, Member Clubs, Contesting, Email, Promotions Management, Research, Rewards, Automated Birthday Emails, CMS, & Mobile Xpress Messenger (MXM).  Courses and training materials for additional Triton Digital products and services will be made available through Triton Digital University at a later date.