Introducing Photo Caption Contests, Now Available in Beta

Have you tried contesting as a way to engage with your audience online? If not, you should definitely consider it. Contests are one of the most effective and rewarding ways to build your presence online while connecting with your audience. Whether you choose photo competitions, video competitions, predictive brackets or even voting brackets, contests generate buzz, engagement, loyalty, and traffic.

That is why we invest so much in our contesting offering, and why we are excited to announce the beta release of our latest contest: the Photo Caption Contest.


What is a Photo Caption Contest?

A Photo Caption Contest is a contest type where you provide the image and ask your members to provide the caption. Once you have a handful of creative captions to choose from, take it to a vote to see which caption your members like the best. This two-step contest, including both a submission period and voting period, will double the fun and extend audience engagement. Moderation of submissions, winner and prize management, player reports, and social features are also included in the offering.


How Do I Create a Successful Photo Caption Contest?

Here are four tips to creating an engaging Photo Caption Contest using AMP Contesting:

1. Choose the Right Image. Upload a funny image that helps get the creative juices flowing. Often times, the crazier the image the better!

2. Promote Your Contest. Advertise the contest on your website, social media accounts, newsletters and on-air to attract members to participate.

3. Give Away a Prize. As an added incentive, offer an exclusive prize for the member with the winning caption. If possible, seek out a sponsor to offer the prize instead of using capital from your business to pay for the item.

4. Consistent Engagement. For the best possible audience participation, continuous communication is imperative. Emailing or posting on Twitter or Facebook are all great avenues to explore. Once the proper communication tool is chosen, use it consistently to inform readers about deadlines, criteria, future contests and other important information.


Why the Beta?

Because your feedback is important to us! Before calling this a final product, we need to make sure the Photo Caption Contest is as valuable as possible. Therefore, as you use the product, please jot down any questions, suggestions, or feedback you may have and send it to us at We will review your recommendations and work to incorporate them into the final version of the Photo Caption Contest.

For more information about our contesting solution, please visit the AMP Contesting page.