Integration Spotlight: DBSgroep's RTVPLAN

by Triton Digital

On Tuesday, March 3rd, we announced the integration of DBSgroep’s media sales solution, RTVPLAN, with our Ad Server.

Triton Digital®, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry, announced today that it has integrated with DBSgroep’s media sales solution, RTVPLAN, with Triton’s Advertising Server to further optimize and streamline the order management process for audio publishers. 

This integration enables publishers that use Triton’s Ad Server to streamline the management of their advertising orders and simultaneously provide them with the support they need to grow. The integration with RTVPLAN enables Publishers to seamlessly manage all aspects of their advertising operations on any device, including tracking contacts and contact activities, gaining real-time business intelligence insights, the creation and storage of quotes and proposals within the webportal, and more.

“We are thrilled to partner with a company that truly shares our vision to simplify and optimize the digital audio advertising management process,” said Guy Heiliegers, Managing Director at DBSgroep. “Where Triton is the global industry expert, this integration is a natural fit that complements our solution and provides publishers around the world with the tools they need to simplify ad operations and further grow their digital audio strategies.”

“We are pleased to integrate RTVPLAN with our Ad Server to further streamline the management of transactions,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “Like Talpa Media Solutions, DBSgroep shares our commitment to continuously evolving our technology to make managing campaigns more efficient, and we look forward to the increase in efficiency that our clients will see as a result of leveraging this powerful integration.”

If you have questions about our Ad Server or are interested in learning more about this integration, we'd love to hear from you.