Integration Spotlight: Centro's Basis DSP

On Monday, June 17th, we announced the integration of our programmatic audio advertising marketplace, a2x®, with Centro's Basis DSP. 

Triton Digital®, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry, announced today an integration between Centro’s Basis platform with Triton Digital’s programmatic audio marketplace, a2x®. Centro, a global provider of advertising technology, operates Basis, a comprehensive and automated digital media platform. The integration bolsters Basis capabilities for executing global, targeted, non-skippable, and brand-safe audio ad buys through both open marketplace and private marketplace deals. The a2x marketplace offers a wide array of global, monthly ad opportunities on premium content produced by radio organizations, professional sports leagues, podcasts, streaming audio platforms, and more.

Basis consolidates digital operations across programmatic, direct, search, and social campaigns. In addition, it offers an award-winning demand-side platform (DSP) seamlessly integrated with workflow automation for direct-buying, holistic analytics, business intelligence technology and billing reconciliation, all available in a single sign-on system. With programmatic audio ads included in their toolset, Basis users are empowered to plan and execute campaigns on all major channels and ad units.

“Our partnership with Triton Digital aligns Centro with a premier media organization on the forefront of digital audio and podcast advertising,” said Steve Monti, VP, Customer Success at Centro. “Our users will benefit from the performance of audio, as the a2x marketplace provides robust and unparalleled access to audiences engaged with premium audio content from radio broadcasters, podcasters, streaming music services, and more.” 

“We are proud to integrate Basis with a2x, and to enable its buyers to utilize the power and efficiency of digital audio to reach their target audiences,” said John Rosso, President, Market Development at Triton Digital. “We look forward to supporting Centro’s mission to automate media buying and execution through this integration, and we are proud to provide it with access to top-tier digital audio and podcast inventory from around the world.”

The global audio marketplace, a2x, is the world's first programmatic buying marketplace for digital audio. The industry-leading marketplace enables buyers to execute highly targeted and brand safe audio ad buys across a highly engaged digital audience. To learn more about a2x, contact

If you are interested in learning more about our programmatic marketplace, and/or exploring an integration partnership, we'd love to hear from you.

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