How to Promote Your Podcast to Grow Your Audience

With more than 950,000 podcasts available in Apple Podcasts alone, it’s clear that the world has officially embraced podcasts for consuming their daily news, entertainment, information and more. With the increasing popularity of podcasts comes an incredible amount of competition for publishers who are trying to grow their shows.  

Omny StudioTriton’s enterprise podcast platform, provides you with the user-friendly tools you need to promote your podcasts easily, efficiently, and effectively, enabling you to stand out amongst the crowd on social media, within podcasting apps and more 

Read on to learn about some simple yet powerful promotional tactics and how to leverage Omny’s simple tools to effectively promote and grow your podcast. 


Drive Social Engagement with Compelling Videos 

These days, it’s more challenging than ever to entice social media audiences to act on your posts as opposed to glazing over them and continuing to scroll The truth is that not many social media scrollers are taking the time to listen to full episodes of podcasts – they just want a previewThe best way to drive engagement with your podcast on social media is to have compelling video creative in addition to a short but effective caption to generate interest for your podcast posts. Here's where Omny Studio can help! 

Our integration with the powerful social media video generator, Headliner, enables you to take your social strategy to next level in only a matter of a few clicks. Share captivating snippets of your shows to generate interest from your audience, attracting them to click through to hear the whole episode and hopefully subscribe to your show. 

Together, Omny Studio and Headliner enable you to edit your audio clip with the option to add captions and compelling creative, before exporting your clip for simple uploading to the social platform(s) of your choice - all within our intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

Click here for more information on how to leverage Omny’s Headliner integration. 


Gain Additional Exposure for Your Show with Podcaster Promos 

For as much competition as there is in the podcast industry, there are as many podcasters that are willing to help promote your podcast on their shows. Finding the right show with the right audience to promote your podcast through live, host-read ads have been proven to be incredibly effective and is another way to generate interest from a relevant audience, increasing your chances of growing your subscribers 

When planning a host-read promotional campaign, you’ll want to be sure to consider many aspects of your audience, including their:  

  • Interests 
  • Demographic information  
  • Location 
  • Behaviors 

Depending on who you choose to leverage for this tactic, you may incur an investment based on the size of the audience you’re looking to advertise to. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider trading promotions with another podcaster, a tactic known as content-swapping. This strategy has been proven to be effective as both parties are benefiting, gaining exposure to audiences beyond their own with the potential to grow their show.  

Omny hosts over 38,000 podcasts and is happy to help you find the best audience to generate as much interest for your show as possible. Contact us to learn more or to get started. 


Build Relationships With, and Get Promoted by Podcast Apps 

Because there are an incredible number of competing podcasts, chances are that listeners most likely will not blindly stumble across your specific podcast in their app of choice. For this reason, you’ll need to ensure you have visibility in the major podcast listening apps.  

If you host your podcast on a platform like Omny Studio, you have relationships with all of the major podcast apps and their editorial teams that enable you to claim a coveted feature spot from the likes of Apple or Deezer. Simply contact your hosting platform’s support team to get started or because these feature collections are curated by real humans, you can contact those decision-makers directly.  

Additionally, other apps, like Pocketcasts, often have options on their websites so be sure to check those out as well. 


Make Some Noise in the Marketplace  

With podcasting’s growing popularity, there are a multitude of eNewsletters and online news outlets dedicated to the space that are hungry for content just like yours - feed them your content.  

Whether it’s an official press release about the launch of your show, a new season, a well-known guest or topical episode, news outlets are always open to announcementsTake the initiative and advantage of being able to leverage these outlets to share your exciting news to reach and engage your audience. Pro tip: Don’t forget to include your embed player code with the ability to one-click subscribe so they can include some of your actual audio on their website. 

Most podcast eNewsletters, like PodNews or PodcastNewsDaily, have sections related to new show launchesBe sure to keep them updated with news about upcoming or new show launches to ensure you’re raising awareness. 

Last, and often overlooked by most publisherscontinue leveraging your own channels to promote your show to your existing audience or customer base. When doing so, there are a few key questions you should ask yourself; Do you have a newsletter? They probably want to hear about the podcast. Do you have a website? Publish a promotional banner. Do you send lots of emails? Think about a custom signature driving people to listen. Do you have an even bigger platform like TV, radio or magazine? Be sure not to overlook those existing channels or worry about cross-channel noise. 


For questions, more information, or to get started leveraging Omny Studio to grow your podcast, contact or visit the Omny Studio site 

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