Client Spotlight:  Vibenomics

On Tuesday, October 29th, we announced that that Vibenomics, a cloud-based managed service provider of audio experience solutions to location-based businesses and connected cities, has selected Triton Digital to help monetize the new Vibenomics Audio Out-of-Home (AOOH) Advertising Marketplace.

Through this partnership, Vibenomics will use Triton’s sophisticated ad server, Tap, to dynamically insert engaging and relevant audio ads into its streaming background audio experience solution licensed by multi-site organizations such as retailers, restaurants, public spaces, amusement parks and attractions, enabling brands to reach their target audiences directly at the point-of-sale. To support their goals of connecting advertisers to consumers where they shop, explore, and spend, Vibenomics will leverage Triton’s programmatic audio marketplace and SSP to make its audio out-of-home inventory available to programmatic buyers through both open and private marketplace deals.  

“Vibenomics has built an innovative new audio marketing channel that is driving sales results for advertisers while enhancing the customer experience for location-based businesses and public spaces,” said John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital.  “We are pleased to provide them with the technology and support they need to take that to the next level through the power and efficacy of dynamically inserted audio ads.”

“Triton Digital shares our passion for innovation, and our commitment to helping clients leverage the power of digital audio to create highly engaging and relevant experiences wherever they may be,” said Paul Brenner, Chief Strategy Officer at Vibenomics.  “We are thrilled to be utilizing Triton’s leading programmatic ad tech and talented team to further enhance our place-based streaming audio offering and grow our business.”  

If you are interested in learning more about our sophisticated and comprehensive digital audio advertising technology, contact us today. 

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