Client Spotlight:  Moody Radio

On Monday, May 13th, we announced that that Moody Radio, one of the oldest Christian radio networks in the U.S., has selected Triton Digital to power the delivery and measurement of streaming audio content for its nationwide network of stations.

Through this partnership, Moody Radio will utilize Triton’s robust audio streaming network to deliver Moody Radio’s high-quality content online, including teaching programs, interactive talk shows, local morning shows, Christian music, and more.  In addition, Moody will use Triton’s Webcast Metrics ® measurement service to measure their listening audience.

“With Moody Radio, we pride ourselves on delivering practical and life-changing content that is always on – 24 hours per day, seven days per week,” said Doug Hastings, Vice President of Moody Radio.  “Triton Digital is the perfect partner to support our digital audio strategy, as their audio delivery network provides the unparalleled reliability and support we need to keep Moody Radio always-on, and at the highest quality.  In addition, their audience measurement service will provide us with an insightful look into the consumption and performance of our streaming audio, which will help us further enhance our programming from both a content creation and scheduling perspective.”

“We are pleased to provide Moody Radio with the tools they need to deliver their audio content, and to deepen their understanding of how and when that content is being consumed,” said John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital.  “We look forward to supporting Moody Radio’s mission of connecting their loyal listening audience with engaging, meaningful content, and to helping them continue to provide a reliable and enjoyable listening experience across all of their online streams.”

If you are interested in learning more about our sophisticated and comprehensive digital audio technology, contact us today. 

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