Client Spotlight:  BFM

On Tuesday, November 12th, we announced that BFM, Malaysia's only independent business radio station, has selected Triton Digital to power the delivery, monetization, and measurement of its streaming audio and podcast content.  

Through this partnership, BFM will utilize Triton’s robust audio streaming network to deliver their high-quality business news and current affairs audio content online, and the Tap Ad Server to dynamically insert highly targeted audio ads into their streams.  To support their monetization goals, BFM will leverage Triton’s programmatic audio marketplace and audio SSP to make their online audio and podcast inventory available to media buyers around the world through both open and private marketplace deals.

In addition, BFM will use Triton’s Webcast Metrics® service to measure their highly engaged online listening audience, and the enterprise Omny Studio podcast management platform to capture, edit, and distribute their podcast content. 

“Triton provides reliable, sophisticated, and a flexible suite of comprehensive audio technology,” said Meera Sivasothy, General Manager at BFM.  “We look forward to having the support of Triton’s industry-leading technology and knowledgeable team as we continue to grow and evolve our digital audio strategy.”

“We are pleased to provide BFM with the tools they need to deliver, monetize, and measure their digital audio streams,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy.  “Our streaming and advertising technology will enable BFM to provide an increasingly enhanced and engaging listening experience for their audience, and a higher return for their advertisers. In addition, our audience measurement service will provide BFM with insight into how, where, and by whom their digital audio content is being consumed, which will enable them to generate incremental revenue.”  

If you are interested in learning more about our sophisticated and comprehensive digital audio advertising technology, contact us today. 

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