Celebrate the Festive Symphony: Unwrapping the Most Enchanting Holiday Audio Ads Worldwide

Tune into the merry melody of sleigh bells jingling and ring-tingle-tingling. It is that magical time of year again – the holiday season has finally arrived in all its glory!  

In the spirit of giving, we have the inside scoop on the biggest audio trends around the globe this holiday season. Triton operates the world’s largest digital audio marketplace – where advertisers can access audiences on podcasts, live-streaming, and on-demand audio inventory. Our marketplace is buzzing worldwide with creative audio messaging sprinkled with the seasonal sounds of chimes, choirs, and Santa Claus in different languages and accents.  

It is a festive feast for the ears, with each ad serving a delightful blend of holiday cheer and marketing magic. Our open audio exchange makes it easier for marketers and agencies to plan, buy, and measure the impact of cross-platform audio advertising.  

According to an October study by the IAB and PWC US Podcast Advertising Revenue, the magic of the holidays is spreading everywhere, with brand awareness, branded content, and brand mentions on podcasts expected to soar to an impressive 61% in 2023. And if that is not enough to fill your sleigh with excitement, the Global Media Intelligence Report 2023 just revealed that, across the globe, users are tuning into music streaming and podcasts for up to an hour every day – in some regions, even more! 

We have curated what we believe to be the top 20 most imaginative and impactful Christmas audio ads of 2023 worldwide. Immerse yourself in the holiday magic by giving these a listen! Hold onto your Santa hats! 


  1. Brand: Starbucks

Country: Canada 

Language: English 

Here is an amazingly simple 15-second audio ad that promotes their mug and drinks against a backdrop of a relaxing holiday vibe. 


  1. Brand: Disney Plus

Country: Spain 

Language: Spanish 

In Spain, Disney Plus promotes their Christmas special "Mi Navidad with Isabel Preysler,” encouraging families to gather around the TV. 


  1. Brand: Kitchen Warehouse

Country: Australia 

Language: English 

Kitchen Warehouse is gearing up for the kitchen chaos of a grand feast by providing you with everything you need, making it a breeze. 


  1. Brand: Crumbl

Country: United States 

Language: English 

Santa himself endorses Crumbl cookies while promoting their app for quick and easy cookie delivery direct to your door and maybe even down the chimney! 


  1. Brand: Gifts.ie

Country: United Kingdom 

Language: English 

Gifts.ie is already anticipating you will need personalized and last-minute gifts delivered to your loved ones and Bosses!  


      6. Brand: E.Leclerc  

Country: France 

Language: French 

French retailer E.Leclerc has Christmas coupons to reward those early bird shoppers! 



  1. Brand: Praxis

Country: Netherlands 

Language: Dutch 

Praxis is promoting their Christmas tree promos, ensuring every home can afford a tree this year. 



  1. Brand: Lidl

Country: Portugal 

Language: Portuguese 

International discount retailer Lidl runs a global campaign for Christmas deals and localizes their ads to each country and language.  



  1. Brand: Hersheypark

Country: United States 

Language: English 

Santa and Rudolph are no strangers to adventure rides, and Hersheypark Christmas Candyland is ready to bring you some thrills for the family. 



  1. Brand: Fairprice

Country: Singapore 

Language: English 

Fairprice ensures you have gifts, food, snacks, and everything you need for Christmas with the family! 



    11. Brand: Carrefour culturel ESTacade

Country: Canada 

Language: French 

Carrefour culturel ESTacade has something different for this Christmas, promoting discounts on a theatre show for kids. 



    12. Brand: Minas Shopping

Country: Brazil 

Language: Portuguese 

Minas Shopping is spreading the joy of Christmas with a car giveaway and parades at their outlets. 



  1.  Brand: Galbusera

Country: Italy 

Language:  Italian 

A family bakery established in the 1930s and enjoyed for generations, Galbusera, is promoting its classic Italian Christmas cake, a must-have at every Christmas dinner! Delicious! 



  1. Brand: IHG

Country: United States 

Language: English 

If you are planning to escape the family mayhem, IHG is on a year-end cyber sale with plenty of destinations on discounts! 



  1. Brand: Eureden

Country: France 

Language: French 

Eureden is a French agri-food co-op; in this ad, they promote their Christmas tree promo. 



  1. Brand: Intermache

Country: Portugal 

Language: Portuguese 

Supermarket Intermache is ensuring even Granny has everything she needs for the whole family to enjoy Christmas. 



  1. Brand: hellweg.de

Country: Germany 

Language: German 

One of Germany’s most popular online retailers makes it easy for you to order a Christmas tree delivered straight to your home! 



  1. Brand: LaFeltrinelli

Country: Italy 

Language: Italian 

Italian bookstore LaFeltrinelli has some last-minute gift ideas so you do not show up empty-handed! 



  1. Brand: Snapple

Country: United States 

Language: English 

Snapple helps you do yourself a favor with its zero-sugar options! 



     20. Brand: Kogan Technologies

Country: Australia 

Language: English 

Kogan.com is offering awesome offers on electronics, toys, and more!  



Have you heard any of these ads lately? 

These 20 audio clips will inspire your brand's holiday audio messaging. Remember that the most effective audio ads are engaging, fun, easy to remember, and ideally between 15 to 30 seconds. 

If you are an advertiser looking to reach live streaming, podcast, and music platform audiences through Triton’s programmatic audio marketplace, reach out to us at marketops@tritondigital.com  

Our exchange is open all year, and we have a global team ready to assist and guide you.  

Happy Holidays from the Triton Market Ops Team!  

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