Triton Unveils Its Second Annual Canadian Podcast Trends Report


Get ready to dive into the latest insights with Triton Digital's 2024 Canadian Podcast  Report. This comprehensive analysis, available alongside our monthly Podcast Rankers at, offers an in-depth look at the Canadian podcast landscape. From exploring the top podcasts that Canadians are tuning into, to uncovering the latest trends and insights shaping the industry, this report is your go-to resource for understanding the dynamic and ever-evolving podcasting scene in Canada. Explore listener behaviors, emerging genres, and the impact of podcasts on the digital media landscape to elevate your understanding of the Canadian podcast market.


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Curious about the most popular podcast genre in Canada? True Crime takes the lead once again, surpassing Comedy and News which are tied for second place. Other notable findings include:

  • Listeners averaged 8.2 episodes per week.
  • 92.9% of podcasts were downloaded to a mobile device.
  • Top podcasts include Dateline NBC (NBCUniversal News Group), SmartLess (Wondery Network), and Crime Junkie (audiochuck).

Discover the top podcasts that Canadians are tuning into, including both English and French Canadian-made shows, top new debuts, and the best-performing sales networks. 


As podcasting continues to flourish, it not only offers a growing platform for content creators and marketers but also opens up a world of endless possibilities for connecting with new audiences in immersive and impactful ways. Podcasts have become a powerful medium for storytelling, education, and entertainment, allowing for authentic and intimate connections with listeners. This dynamic form of communication bridges the gap between creators and their audience, creating a space where ideas, stories, and voices can be shared and celebrated. 

To explore the full spectrum of Canadian podcast trends and gain deeper insights into listener preferences, download the complete 2024 Canadian Podcast  Report today!


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