Boost Engagement with These Four Bracket Ideas

All the madness of March basketball may be over, but now is the perfect time to keep that engagement momentum going with some other bracket promotions! Brackets are a great opportunity to sell a sponsorship and award a prize for maximum effect, however, they’re also fun for your audience even when there is no prize attached.

Want to engage your audience and grow your database in a fresh way? Read on for four fun voting bracket challenges that will excite your members!


Food Fight!

Which food is the ultimate fan favorite? Let burgers, pizza, hotdogs, and more go head-to-head in a bracket-style showdown, where your audience votes for the one true champion of foods. Drive engagement by awarding a local restaurant gift card to one lucky bracket participant!

Put a sweet spin on this challenge by featuring your favorite desserts instead.


Superhero Smackdown

Ever wonder who would win in a battle of all your favorite superheros? Let your audience decide! With new comic hero films releasing throughout the summer, it’s the perfect time to run a fun Superhero Smackdown bracket. For boosted engagement, sell a sponsorship to a local movie theater and attach a gift card or cash prize so one lucky winner can catch all of this summer’s super blockbusters!


Battle of the Bands

Here’s a bracket promotion that really rocks! Select popular artists or songs that you already play on air. Why not support your community by featuring local bands? Double the impact of this promotion by awarding the winning band with more air-time, then give one lucky voter some concert tickets or swag from your prize closet!


Ultimate Dream Vacation

Summer is approaching, and many of your members are planning their seasonal getaways. With a travel agency, travel deal site, or even a cruise line as a sponsor, an ultimate dream vacation bracket is a fun and exciting way to boost member engagement while giving one lucky member the summer trip of their dreams! Let your audience choose a winner for head-to-head matches between fun destinations such as Key West and Malibu, and award one participant with a trip to the vacation location of their choice.


These are just a few of the ways you can use brackets in AMP Contesting to engage your audience this quarter. Feel free to use one of our suggestions above, or design your own fun challenge!

Some of these great promotion ideas may require obtaining permission to use protected names and likenesses, so make sure you follow all applicable trademark and copyright laws.


Have questions? Reach out to our Syndicated Content Team and be sure to stay tuned for more posts on how to boost engagement and optimize your promotion strategy.

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