A great year for podcasts, all around the globe.

by Sharon Taylor, SVP Podcast Strategy & Product Operations

Celebrating International Podcast Day 2022 with 12 months of insights and podcast data from Omny Studio.

I’ll start by saying, I have no idea where the past 12 months went. It feels like just yesterday that we were last celebrating International Podcast Day (granted, it’s a great day, worthy of much fanfare and celebration). Whilst I may be oblivious to the passage of time, podcast growth at Triton Digital and the Omny Studio platform has powered on fully aware of the growing demand.

In fact, since International Podcast Day last year, we’ve served 5.6 billion downloads in more than 80 countries around the world. Podcast listeners around the world heard over 3.4 billion hours of content from Omny Studio publishers.

That’s not a small amount of content. As is tradition, we dug into the data and tried to pull out some nuggets of goodness for you to enjoy today!

Top countries in 2022

No surprises that the US claims the top spot for downloads by country, in the 12 months since International Podcast Day last year. A surprise entrants into the list though, with Portugal knocking Germany out of the top 10 below.

Omny Studio data Sep 21-Sep22

Growth wise though, the biggest hitters in the year were Spain (269% growth), Portugal (161% growth), Netherlands (132% growth) and Italy at 113%. The global race is on.

Top content in 2022.

With 58,600 podcasts now being hosted by Omny Studio, what are people listening to around the globe? Top 10 downloads by category, below.

News, Comedy, Society & Culture and Sports in the top 4 won’t surprise anyone. The percentage split though is much more even than in years gone by for us — a more balanced diet of content for listeners? Surprisingly, True Crime has slipped back from double digit percentage for us into a more even balanced position in the back half of the grid.

Interestingly, when we look at the categories that have garnered the largest advertising spend programmatically over the last year, Personal Finance, Health & Fitness and Luxury Automotive take the top spots.

That’s a wrap

I’ll leave you to celebrate International Podcast Day as the audio gods intended. With Omny Studio clients currently making over 3700 days worth of content every 30 days, I’m excited to see what stats we have to share this time next year. Until then…

Happy podcasting, everyone!

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash