8 Steps to Launching a Successful Radio Sweepstakes Campaign

by Desideria Mastriaco

Do you have fun and engaging sweepstakes that you’re excited to share with your audience? Don’t press “Publish” just yet! We have created a pre-flight Sweepstakes Checklist to ensure your promotion is cleared for takeoff.

1. Double Check Your Start and End Dates
Determine when and for how long you would like to run your contest and then make sure to correctly set those dates and times in the contest set up. Verifying these dates when building your contest is essential to ensuring your on-air mentions, newsletters, and promotional social media posts line-up with the campaign.

2. Specify the Number of Winners for Your Contest
If you’re awarding prizes to multiple winners in your contest, be sure to specify the total number of winners in the contest set up. If you’re giving away fifty pairs of concert tickets, set the contest to allow for the selection of fifty winners.

3. Set the Entry Throttle
At what frequency would you like for your audience to be allowed to enter the same contest? Determine your goal for the contest (ie. total unique participants versus increased repeat engagement) and check the Entry Throttle drop-down menu to make sure you have your desired frequency selected.

4. Choose Your Winner Selection Method
The option to have a contest automatically generate a winner for you is a default setting in our contesting engine, however, you may wish to vet your winner to ensure they meet your specific criteria. Choosing the Manual option allows you to view the contest participants after the sweepstakes has ended.

5. Choose Your Desired Prize Fulfillment Method
Are you planning to ship a prize to your winner, or will they need to pick it up from your office? Before publishing your contest, always check the winner selection settings to be sure you’ve chosen Ship or Pick Up.

6. Determine Your Registration Form Fields
While some contests may simply require a name and email address to enter, your sweepstakes sponsor may want additional information for their database. You can customize registration fields to collect a wide variety of data from your audience.

7. Proof Your Contest Copy
Be sure to write clear and enticing copy that excites your audience and give them the important prize and entry information. Always proof your work before publishing to ensure it’s free of typos and grammatical errors.

8. Preview Your Contest Design
Put your best foot forward with an eye-catching design that grabs your audience’s attention. If you’re working with limited design resources, we’ve curated a list of free and easy online tools for creating gorgeous graphics. Once you’ve uploaded your design to the contesting engine, be sure to preview your sweepstakes to see how it will look on your site. This is a great way address any last-minute adjustments or fixes before publishing the sweepstakes.

Download a free copy of this Checklist to keep at your desk and ensure your sponsor and audience are receiving your best quality work!