5 Best Practices for Creating Effective Digital Audio Ads

by Desideria Mastriaco

Digital audio ads exist in a different environment than over-the-air ads. Best practices for creating effective terrestrial radio ads don’t necessarily translate to the digital audio landscape. With this in mind, we’ve compiled 5 best practices for creating effective digital audio ads to ensure your campaigns deliver the best results.

1. Ad Length
Keep the message short and concise. The average copy length should be roughly 40 words for a :15 second ad, and 85 words for a :30 second ad.

2. Audio Creative
Most people aren’t looking at their screen when they listen to digital audio. So, don’t rely on companion banners to drive traffic to your site. We recommend you introduce the brand name and call-to-action in the first half of the audio spot.

3. Call-to-Action
Although it is possible to repurpose terrestrial radio ads for the digital space, consider tailoring your digital message to inspire a specific action. This works especially well on a mobile device, where you can ask the listener to tap to call, click for a coupon, or text for more information. Keep in mind that 90% of mobile listeners interested in a product or service advertised on Internet radio will research it at a later time*. 

4. Ad Format
Take advantage of other creative types that can be combined with audio ads to create a longer-lasting impression. Examples include, page take-overs, channel sponsorships, branded media players, and more. 

5. Engagement
Digital audio listeners are highly engaged with audio content, including the ads. The listener cannot skip or fast-forward through the ads, giving you 100% of their attention. Take advantage of this opportunity and consider running creative that gives the audience a reason to engage, such as limited-time offers or chances to win contests.

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