4 Ways that Engagement Widgets Can Improve Your Digital Strategy

Engagement Widgets are interactive widgets that integrate seamlessly into your radio station website, providing you with new ways to engage your audience and grow your revenue.  From Registration to Trivia, Polls, Surveys, Contests, Games, and Listen & Win, engagement widgets enable you to enhance your content strategy and grow your database while providing your audience with a unique and fun online experience. 

If you’re interested in including widgets in your digital strategy for 2018, or if you’re already using them and want to improve your results, here are several tips for leveraging them to drive success.

Customize your campaigns through strategic content placement

A benefit of using Engagement Widgets is that they allow you to completely customize your audience’s digital experience with your sponsored or featured content. A themed trivia question or advertiser survey can be placed anywhere across your site, allowing you to determine when and where visitors will interact with specific campaign pieces. Monetize a section of your site by selling a sponsorship for a highlighted survey, or embed a question about your morning show on your homepage to drive awareness of featured programming.


Increase page views and engagement with featured content

Placing engagement widgets on your website can boost activity across the board by creating quality user interactions on various pages. You can additionally use this content to drive traffic to a dedicated member section or landing page in order to grow your database. There, your audience will have access to thousands of trivia questions from Triton Digital’s own catalog, designed to entertain visitors and lengthen engagement sessions. This can also serve as the hub for other interactive content such as games, polls, and contests. Creating unique experiences such as this drives loyalty and could turn even the most casual listener into a frequent site user and super fan!


Enhance your email marketing strategy

The new survey widget allows you to email subscribed participants, giving you the opportunity to further target your campaigns. If you’re planning to give away event tickets at an upcoming remote appearance, consider posting a survey to gauge your audience’s interest in the event. Then you can send an email to members who responded that they were interested, inviting them to drop by your remote for a chance to win tickets. You can also utilize the surveys widget to allow users to opt into your various email subscriptions, such as weekly newsletters or concert and event updates.


Improve user and sponsor experience with streamlined campaign interaction

Advertisers that purchase a package to sponsor your digital content will be delighted with the new seamless campaign widget! Rather than sending your audience to multiple pages in order to participate in a sponsored trivia, poll, contest, or special offer, you can use this particular widget to feature these instances together in one location. Consider monetizing content showcases centered around big holidays or sporting events to give both your site traffic and revenue a lift.

Interested in learning more about engagement widgets?  Contact Solutions@TritonDigital.com for more information.