4 Ways That Radio Stations Can Grow Online Listening

The increase in streaming audio listenership is opening up a number of opportunities for radio broadcasters to grow their share of digital listening.  Below you'll find four tactics that radio stations can deploy to grow online listening.

#1: Create New Content

One of the ways that radio broadcasters can grow their online listening is by creating new and unique content, specifically for distribution online. Think supplemental, niche channels around a popular format, like Rock or Country, or online-only shows by popular talent.  This will provide your listening audience with additional channels to engage with your brand and talent throughout the day.  You can also leverage over-the-air ad spots to promote this content, so your OTA listeners are informed on where, when, and how to find it on your website.

#2: Attract More Millennials

According to the 2017 Infinite Dial study, approximately 70% of millennials are listening to radio online, making them a driving force in the increase in streaming audio consumption. One common challenge that radio broadcasters face when attracting and retaining Millennial listeners is the increase in commercial load, as compared to streaming audio.  One possible solution to consider is to try reducing ad loads by spreading the ads out, with the goal of streaming less than 12 minutes of ads per hour. 

#3: Program For The Peaks

As observed in the insights and trends provided by Webcast Metrics®, streaming audio listening tends to peak midday, remaining strong into the evenings. Prime time for digital audio listening in May of 2017 was 2:00pm local time.  Be sure to take the digital audio listening peak into consideration when programming content, to pinpoint the ideal hour(s) when your target audience is tuning in.

#4: Consider Podcasting

Podcasts are seeing massive growth, with approximately 24% of the population listening to a podcast daily. The 2017 Infinite Dial study also revealed that over 44 million Americans over the age of 12 (40%) have ever listened to a podcast. To broaden your content offering and to encourage growth in online listening, consider expanding your programming with podcasts.  Getting started can be as easy as repurposing your on-air content!

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