4 Things to Consider When Buying Digital Audio Programmatically

With the power to entertain, soothe, energize and educate, there is no denying that digital audio is an incredibly effective advertising medium, both by itself and as a complement to other channels, such as video and display.  The ability to buy audio via programmatic exchanges has made the process both easy and efficient, but there are still a few things that one should keep in mind when strategizing a buy.

#1:  Reach and Frequency
When planning a campaign, be sure to consider both reach and frequency to build recall.  It's important to determine in advance how often your ad should run per listener session, i.e. once every 30 minutes, once every 60 minutes, etc.  Keep in mind that limiting plays isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it can help to increase your reach. 

#2:  Be Creative
One of the many benefits of digital advertising is the ability to easily swap out creative.  Do create multiple versions of your ad that you can test and then refine based on initial results.  Remember to provide a call to action that is relevant to your digital audio audience, i.e. click this banner, or, visit this website for more information. 

#3:  The Importance of Tracking
What good is a campaign if you can't track it's performance?  With audio, It's important to leverage trackers for increased accountability.  If your audio has a display component, we recommend using third party banners with trackers, as this will help you tap into detailed reporting that is available from your ad server.

#4:  Take a Targeted Approach
A huge benefit to buying audio programmatically are the targeting capabilities.  Say goodbye to wasted impressions and target your messsage by geo, age, gender, device, format, genre or playlist to ensure that it's getting delivered exclusively to your target audience.

If you have questions about buying audio or would like to learn more about our audio solutions, contact us today.