4 Steps to Turn Your Radio Broadcast Into a Successful Online Podcast

As podcasting continues to grow in popularity and people continue to time-shift their media consumption, it presents a new and unique business opportunity, particularly for broadcast radio. That's why we have pulled together 4 easy steps to help radio broadcasters make podcasting part of their long term digital strategy.

Step 1: Repurpose Over-the-Air Content
Begin by repurposing your most popular over-the-air content for on-demand consumption. For example, cut an over-the-air segment into digestible podcasts of 2 to 5 minutes and publish them across your digital assets. This is a low-lift, high-yield strategy that gives your listeners access to their favorite programs, whenever and wherever they want it.

Step 2: Partner with Distributors
Talk to Distribution Partners about not only making your content available through downloads but also streamed on-demand. Additionally, discuss setting up the distribution player to collect valuable audience data.

Step 3: Self-Distribute
Be sure that your content is available to be streamed on-demand through your media player, and require registration for access to content. Collecting gender, age, and zip will immediately increase the value of your online audience.

Step 4: Generate Revenue with Dynamic Ad Stitching
Once you have your content and distribution strategy in place, it’s time to start generating revenue. Today, most podcast monetization occurs through native live reads. While advertisers place a high value on this form of advertising, keep in mind that without scale it will be challenging to see meaningful monetary results. Consider using dynamic ad stitching. This will extend the shelf life of your content while keeping your audience engaged and your advertisers happy.

If you have additional questions about building a podcast strategy or are interested in learning how Triton Digital can help, contact us today.

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