4 Attributes to Look for in a Complete Digital Audio Solution

by Triton Digital

If you’ve ever tried to piece together a complete digital audio solution from multiple vendors, you know all too well that it is no easy task. Successfully combining a variety of in-house and external technologies is often more of an expense and hassle than it’s worth.

At the end of the day, all broadcasters want the same thing – a reliable solution that delivers the best possible user experience and a strong ROI, all without breaking the bank. And while there are a few end-to-end options to choose from, there are four specific attributes to look for when determining the best solution that will meet all your needs.

1. High-Quality Delivery at an Affordable Price

It’s important that your provider owns and operates its CDN, enabling it to manage costs while providing you with the best streaming technology.

2. Reliable, Trusted Metrics

Make sure you are receiving data you can trust so you can better understand your listeners and effectively monetize your streams.

3. Enhanced Media Player

As more listeners tune-in online and via their mobile devices, it is critical to incorporate an enhanced media player into your solution that offers a rich, interactive streaming experience.

4. Effective Revenue-Generating Solutions

A technology partner that offers a low-lift, high-yield solution will ensure that you can monetize your digital assets to the fullest.

While finding this entire checklist from one vendor may seem too good to be true, it’s not! Triton Digital’s high-quality delivery, MRC-accredited metrics, responsive and interactive media player, and robust monetization capabilities are designed to harmoniously work together to create the most reliable and profitable end-to-end digital audio solution on the market.

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