3 Ways to Improve your Station's Content Strategy in 2017

While you’re planning your personal goals for 2017, why not make a few resolutions for your content and marketing strategies as well? To help you get started, we’ve compiled three suggestions that will help set your station up for a successful new year.

Get Social. You’ve worked hard to grow your online community across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. IBM projects that social media marketing investment will take up close to a quarter of the average company’s marketing budget by the year 2021. Make a resolution to stay on top of that trend in 2017 by promoting your campaigns on your social channels. 

Leverage Your Insights. Surveys provide a quick and easy way to learn more about your audience. Take advantage of the insights gained from this type of content to improve your marketing strategy. For example, ask members about their favorite local shops and restaurants to compile a list of new target sponsors, or poll your audience to learn what prizes and experiences interest them the most when planning your monthly promotions.

Start Podcasting. As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, it presents a powerful business opportunity for broadcast radio. Begin by repurposing your most popular over-the-air content for on-demand consumption. This is a low-lift, high-yield strategy that gives your listeners access to their favorite programs, whenever and wherever they want it.
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