3 Tips to Grow Your Radio Station Database Next Quarter

Don’t wait until the end of Q1 to start planning your next promotions calendar. Set your stations up for a success by planning ahead. Not sure where to begin? We've pulled together a free Q2 Campaign Concepts Guide along with three quick tips to help you get started.

1. Think Local
In addition to running campaigns around key event dates like Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day, reach out to local businesses to discover new events and opportunities within your community.
2. Plan Ahead & Launch Early
Start promoting your campaign three to four weeks prior to the event for maximum engagement. Send newsletters, mention your giveaways on-air or at promotional events, and share them on your social media profiles.
3. Test Cost-Saving Sponsorship Alternatives
Ask your sponsor to donate a prize to minimize cost or include the cost of a prize in the sponsorship fee. Instead of a running contest, try a campaign of sponsored trivia, listen and wins, polls and surveys, or bonus codes.
For more tips on sweepstakes, prize ideas, and sponsor suggestions, download our FREE Q2 Campaign Concepts Guide.
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