3 Tips For Maintaining Your Radio Station Brand and Content Online

In today's connected world, your online brand is as important as it is over-the-air. It provides your listeners with a powerful destination to further connect and interact with your content. That’s why we hosted a webinar on to share best practices to translate your brand from on-air to online. 

In the meantime, we have pulled together three quick tips to consider when maintaining your online brands.

1. Maintain Brand Consistency
Your logo is the heart of your brand. Make sure that it's displayed in a clear, prominent fashion on the top of every page on your website.

2. Stay Organized
Be sure to include a well-organized navigation bar at the top of your site to help listeners easily find the content they are looking for, from event calendars, to program schedules and station information.

3. Keep It Local
Your station provides a shared experience that is local, relevant, and interactive. Emphasize your websites as a local resource by including things like local weather, promotions, and events. This way, whether your audience is tuning-in on-air or visiting your site, they will have consistent and memorable experience.

For more tips, tricks, and best practices for maintaining your brand online, don't miss our free webinar!

Watch a recording of the webinar here: How to Ensure That Your Radio Station Website Accurately Portrays Your On-Air Brand