3 Resolutions For Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

2017 is drawing to a close, which means it’s time to evaluate your content strategy and make some adjustments for the new year. Consider these three marketing resolutions that will help you grow audience engagement and revenue in 2018 and beyond.

#1: Repurpose Existing Content

Creating and sourcing digital content is easier than you think.  In 2018, explore repurposing some of your on-air content for your website and social media. From guest articles and artist interviews to DJ profiles, curated posts, and event calendars, the possibilities are practically endless. Just a few quick tweaks to older blog posts can also provide opportunities to breathe new life into stale content. If you manage several station sites, determine which pieces of content may be a good fit for more than one of your brands and syndicate them across multiple properties.


#2: Mix Up Content Formats

Switch things up in 2018 by varying the format of your digital content offerings. Rather than relying solely on text-heavy landing pages, mix in some quick blog posts, eye-catching images and infographics, or embedded video and audio files. Your audience digests information in different ways, so incorporating a variety of digital mediums into your strategy will appeal to a broader sector of site visitors while keeping your content fresh.


#3: Pursue Local Sponsors

New business is key in growing revenue and developing more opportunities for monetization. Establishing a relationship with local advertisers can help to strengthen your connection to your community while opening doors for future contracts. Think outside the box by approaching small, unique businesses that are popular among your listeners, or even the organizers of large community events, such as parades or road races.


Bonus Tip:

Your station website is the foundation for all of your digital initiatives.  In addition to a refreshed content strategy, having a robust CMS platform that has all of the features needed to deliver the best possible experience for you and your audience is crucial.  Click below to download a checklist of 6 features to look for in every CMS.

the radio station checklist