Our Integration with The Telos Alliance

This morning, The Telos Alliance, a company that develops game-changing technologies and products that raise the bar for quality and innovation in the radio and television industries, announced the latest addition to their line of software and hardware solutions for stream processing and encoding.

You’re probably wondering what exactly this new appliance is, how we are involved, and what the significance is to you. Wonder no more!


Z/IPStream R/2: The Latest in Streaming Technology




The Problem

For years now, we’ve recognized that the hardware our clients use to encode and deliver audio and metadata to the Triton Digital servers can be very expensive. The extensive IT support needed to set-up and maintain the hardware adds up. It’s been a pain point for so many of our clients, so we’ve been hard at work to find a solution.


The Solution

We are thrilled to introduce Z/IPStream R/2, an appliance available through The Telos Alliance that now includes the Triton Digital Streaming services built in with ready-to-activate simplicity.

Click here to read the official press release.


The Big Picture

Z/IPStream R/2 is pre-configured with Telos’ high-quality sound acquisition hardware and best-in-class audio processing, our robust stream encoding and delivery software, and an extremely easy-to-use interface. This new technology will significantly reduce set-up and maintenance costs and streamline the implementation process, all while maintaining the high-quality sound you’ve come to expect from Triton Digital.


See if Z/IPStream R/2 is Right for You

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