Client Spotlight:  Grupo Acir

Today we announced that Grupo Acir, a Mexican media company specializing in the operation of radio stations, has expanded its relationship with Triton Digital for the delivery, monetization, and now measurement of its digital audio content

Through this partnership, Grupo Acir will utilize Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics® service to measure the size and scale of their highly-engaged listening audience.  In addition, Grupo Acir will continue to leverage Triton’s robust audio streaming network to deliver a high-quality listening experience across their 60 stations, as well as their flexible ad server, Tap, to dynamically insert targeted audio ads into their online streams. 

To support their monetization goals, Grupo Acir will continue to make their audio inventory available in Triton’s programmatic audio marketplace, a2x®, leveraging Triton’s audio SSP, Yield-Op, to control access, pricing, ad quality settings, and the configuration of open and private deals with specific buyers, brands, or sales houses.

“Triton Digital has a way of understanding, anticipating, and solving for the needs of broadcast radio in a way that no other technology provider can,” said Manuel Pérez del Castillo, Quality and IT Director at Grupo Acir.  “With unsurpassed innovation, sophistication, and support, Triton Digital is the perfect partner to support the ongoing growth and evolution of our digital audio strategy.”

“We are pleased to continue to provide Grupo Acir with the best-in-class technology and support they need to deliver and monetize their digital audio content, and to measure their online listening audience,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital.  “Webcast Metrics will provide Grupo Acir with invaluable data to help strengthen their monetization strategy and generate additional revenue, including audience listening information across smart speakers, desktop, mobile, Smart TVs, tablets, and other internet connected devices.”

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