The Next Wave of Audio Advertising: Ad Creative for the Listener


Digital Audio Advertising is Behind the Curve

Digital audio is the second most consumed digital channel after digital video, putting it ahead of all social networks, messaging apps, and digital gaming.

Yet despite capturing the second largest share of consumer time, digital audio lags behind in its adoption of today’s most effective digital tools and strategies. Unlike other digital channels (video, CTV, social), digital audio buys are often less advanced – from campaign set-up to delivery, tracking, and measurement.

The result? Audio advertising that falls short of its full potential:

  • Campaigns can be tedious and time consuming to manage for publishers
  • Ad experiences are subpar for listeners
  • Performance suffers for brands

Today, the tools to advance audio ads exist – it’s simply a matter of increasing adoption. 

Improve Audio Ad Campaigns with Creative Management Tools

The Triton Advertising Platform (TAP) is integrated with Frequency to bring forth creative management solutions for their publisher clients. The combination of both solutions offers publishers the ability to improve audio ad management from start to finish.

Let’s begin by defining each: 

TAP facilitates dynamic ad insertion – or the delivery of audio ads into live or on-demand listener content. For publishers, there are tools to Manage Audio Campaigns for the entire lifecycle of the campaign from planning to targeting, trafficking, and reporting. This allows publishers to develop, activate, and optimize audio campaigns against target audiences across their network of inventory. 

Frequency provides TAP with workflow tools to Manage Ads at scale, enabling ad operations to be more efficient with building and updating ad creative over the course of a campaign. Frequency’s Creative Manager allows for the execution of messaging strategies using distribution rules and data signals for A/B testing, ad versioning, personalization, and contextual targeting.

By adding in Frequency, publishers gain the complimentary tools to go beyond targeting audiences with simple messaging and focus on the actual listeners at scale with 1:1 messaging – which in turn improves the listener experience and performance for advertisers.

Join the Next Wave of Audio Advertising

With Triton and Frequency, you can join the next wave of audio advertising by adding the tools to gain efficiencies and handle more complex creative strategies at scale. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to the Triton Digital or Frequency team for a live demo!


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