Marketers Hidden Gem: Digital Audio Advertising

by Simon Lee

Digital audio is evolving faster than ever today and making waves across the globe as audiences tune into streaming radio, music playlists, and podcasts as their favorite ways to consume content, entertainment and information. According to Forrester Digital, engagement on digital audio platforms continues to peak even beyond the listener’s daily commute .

At Triton Digital, we have built the world's largest programmatic audio exchange and we are seeing an increase of 30% in advertising impressions in Q1 of this year delivered across our publishers to date versus the same period in 2021. The exchange is accessible to over 300 premium audio publishers with a global audience that is highly mobile and available for advertisers to reach. The outstanding quality and diversity of audio content across 200 formats and genres continue to drive its growth, fueled by talented content creators, seasoned radio programmers, curators, and topical expert hosts. This growth is exemplified by an 83% increase in listening through a mobile device followed by a massive uptick in smart speaker listening by over 200%.

All dayparts have seen an increase in audio content consumption, with Tuesday to Thursday mornings between 9am to 10am becoming prime-time for live-streaming. For podcasts, we also see Tuesdays to Thursdays as the popular days for listeners to dive into the latest episodes of their favorite programs. (Source: Triton Digital Audio and Podcast Measurement). Although these listening habits will vary slightly across global regions, it tells us a consistent story – listeners are tuning into digital audio during their busy day. And, this presents agencies and brands with a prime opportunity to convey their brand and product with short-term efficiency.

Today, some of the advertisers in our exchange are Samsung, Geico, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Hyundai. The top categories shifting their marketing budgets through the exchange are Insurance, Health & Fitness, Personal Fitness, Food & Drink, and Technology & Computing.

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 8.53.16 PM

Source: Triton Digital Programmatic Audio Marketplace

Despite the data uptrends, for many marketers, the audio space still requires understanding and context of its environment before diving in and advertising on the medium to deliver an effective campaign. While audio used to be a complimentary channel in a media plan, it is fast becoming a format that primarily front and center. With proper planning and execution, marketers can leverage programmatic audio as a hidden gem to communicate their brand and message to a highly targeted audience.

As you can see, it is prime time right now for audio. The world is listening, so it’s time to craft and deliver your brand’s message through this space. On our next blog post, we will share strategies and tactics for you to deliver an effective audio campaign.

If you are a publisher that would like to monetize your audio content and commercialize your audiences, you can reach out to us at or, if you are a programmatic buyer interested in taking advantage of audio’s real-time advertising opportunities, reach out to our Market Operations team at i to discuss avails, tactics, and more.