Celebrating 10 Years of Programmatic Advertising Success

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Triton Digital’s launch of the industry’s first ever programmatic audio transaction! A lot has happened over the past ten years. Our initial audio exchange launched in January 2013 and was branded as the Audio Ad Exchange or a2x. Since then, we have achieved many notable milestones that we would like to highlight and celebrate today.  

Our Programmatic Advertising Evolution & Fun Facts: 

  • a2x launched in 2013 with one integrated demand partner, AppNexus, today known as Xandr. Ten years later we have more than 50 demand-side partners (DSPs). 
  • We began with the largest global market, the U.S., and have since expanded worldwide with significant success in countries such as India, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico. Today, we have a presence in over 85 countries, connecting publishers’ inventory to buyers around the world.  
  • Triton predicted the shift to automated buying of digital audio in 2012 and after an initial slow start, programmatic audio soon jumped, reaching strong triple digits with year-over-year growth. Fast-forward 10 years, and in a more mature market, Triton’s audio marketplace recorded near triple-digit growth once again in 2022. 
  • Triton continued to evolve the open exchange of a2x, debuting a modernized version of the technology, expanding to a full Supply Side Platform (SSP) in 2017. The combination of direct deals, open and private marketplace, and Sales Houses transactions was branded as Yield-Op, with a2x retaining its influence in the U.S. as the dominant brand for the open exchange.  


  • Triton’s SSP, Yield-Op, won many awards over the years, including: ExchangeWire’s Best Product for Sell-Side Platform (2019 and 2020) and The Drum’s Industry Best-Sell Side Technology for Digital Audio Trading in 2022.  

  • Yield-Op for Ad Networks launched in 2021 to supply a unique opportunity for Ad Networks and Sales Houses to connect directly to our SSP and create their own supply combination. 
  • From 2019 to 2022 Triton reported a 300% increase in the number of advertisers using the ad exchange for both audio and podcast advertising.  

  • In 2022 Triton launched another first, the Triton Audio Marketplace, delivering aggregate audiences at scale across three growing audio segments: broadcast, podcast, and streaming in a new global open audio exchange, making it easier for marketers and agencies to plan, buy and measure the impact of cross-platform audio advertising.  

As we mark our 10-year anniversary in programmatic audio advertising, we celebrate our accomplishments and are excited to continue to help publishers improve inventory monetization, better understand their audience through real-time insights, and maximize advertising revenue. 

 “The growth in programmatic buying of audio inventory has surged more than 500% in the last 5 years due to the efficiency by which buyers can reach a targeted audience at scale. Advertisers have proven with their media budgets that their preference for programmatic buying and ad spend via programmatic exchanges will continue to show significant growth as brands aim to reach an engaged, mobile audience.”  Stephanie Donovan, Global Head of Revenue at Triton Digital.  

Programmatic buying of audio inventory has exponentially increased in recent years and all indications point to continued growth. Triton Digital is proud to provide the most sophisticated advertising technology for publishers and advertisers, so they can transact across all forms of audio.  

Let’s rock the next 10 years!   

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