Music's Global Economy

by Patrick Reynolds, EVP, Marketing

Today we're doing business in over thirty countries. We have people on the ground in four continents. We routinely interact with the best and the brightest in radio across the globe. Not bad for a not quite five-year old startup, eh?

Is it because of our ravenous thirst to become a global powerhouse? Our depth of resources that allows us to constantly plow back new ground?

Yes and Yes.

But it's really more than that. On a more practical level, we don't think anyone will succeed in a world where borders are defined by flags, not tastes. Bob Dylan just played mainland China! Music is borderless in the extreme—always has been and always will be. It seeks its own level, and that level is measured in audience.

One of our charters is to help content find its audience. If we have a client with killer content, it is our job to help it find its widest audience, regardless of where those eyes and ears might be physically. Once we find that far-flung audience, we're also unmistakably charged with creating a dialog between content curators and audience. It's got to be a two-way street, and we're laying down the pavement. These exchanges not only make content better and stronger, they make audiences more bonded, more passionate, and more apostolic. That's where everyone wins.

There are artificial barriers that conspire to keep music and content of all kinds compartmentalized. Many of these issues and logistics are not frivolous. Far from it. That is why, as leaders in the space, we're taking it upon ourselves to work with the like-minded to 'tear down the walls' that prevent music from being free and clients from enjoying the kind of success they rightly deserve.

As Bob sang in Beijing, "Your old road is rapidly aging. Please get on a new one if you can't lend your hand, 'cause the times they are a changing."