A Look into Our Transition from MRC Accreditation

by Triton Digital

We recently decided to transition away from the Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation process for our Webcast Metrics given our growing podcast customer base and international footprint. Since the MRC accreditation is not provided outside of the U.S. and does not include podcast measurement, it made sense for us to explore a new solution.   

What are we doing instead?  

We’re now undergoing a more globally recognized SOC2 audit of our advertising and measurement practices to ensure that the data produced across our enterprise is reliable and secure. And, it will include podcast measurement, which is a critical growth area for Triton, as seen by our monthly global podcast reports and streaming rankers. “Streaming audio is a mature medium and, like other digital media, is now traded and tracked at an impression level,” said John Rosso, Chief Executive Officer & President of Triton Digital. “While MRC accreditation of certain planning metrics was important at an earlier phase of the streaming audio industry’s growth, this no longer aligns with the needs of our global customer base.” 

We believe this path forward best positions us to provide buyers and sellers with the validated data collection and audience metrics needed for both the digital audio and podcast industry. If you have any questions about our SOC2 audit, please reach out to us at solutions@tritondigital.com.